John Wycliffe Primary School

Moorbarns Lane, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4QJ

Tel: 01455 553135  Fax: 01455 550470






Could we please politely ask all parents/carers and visitors to drive and park sensibly when coming to school.

 Thank you for helping to keep our children safe.


PE KIT - For safety and hygiene - please can you check that your children
have the correct clothes in school at the start of every week.

(White t-shirt, blue/black shorts and/or jogging pants, trainers/plimsolls)

As a reminder, again for safety, long hair (beyond shoulder length) has to be tied up.

All bracelets, necklaces and watches removed during PE sessions. 

Earrings should also be removed prior to the PE session, but can be taped over if this is not possible.

Tape is provided outside Mrs Senior's room in the Year 5/6 Central Area.

Please see the latest E-Safety News regarding the new Government issued PREVENT advice to Parents and Carers.






Last update: 2017-03-16