Class News

We currently have 10 separate classes ranging from Foundation Stage to Year 6.

Each class has its own 'animal' mascot.  Each week Foundation Stage to Year 5 will publish a mini newsletter called "What we've been learning about this week" and will be available to download every weekend.  Please click on the link to take a look.

Please click on the animal mascot to see our latest work.


Mrs Perkowski (Penguins)  
Mrs E Beck & Mrs V Davinson (Bottle Nosed Dolphins)  
Miss E Williams (Woodpeckers)  
Mrs D Horton (Honeybees)  
Mrs G Dunphy & Mr Busko (Dragonflies)  
Mr B Turbervill (Tigers)     
Mrs A Senior (Squirrels)    
Mrs C Gherzum (Geckos)     

Mrs A Shiels (Chameleons)


Mrs J Hodder (Hummingbirds)