Class Information 2020-2021

We currently have 10 classes ranging from Foundation Stage to Year 6.

Each class has its own 'animal' mascot.

Every week, during term time,  Foundation Stage to Year 6 publishes a mini newsletter, which sometimes includes homework for the week ahead, called "What we've been learning about this week".

The mini class newsletter is also available as a paper copy, if you would like a paper copy please contact the school office.


Mrs Perkowski's Penguins  (FS/Year 1)


Mrs Davinson's & Mrs Dunphy's Ducks (FS/Year 1)


Miss Williams' Woodpeckers (Year 1/Year2)

Mrs Horton's Honeybees (Year 1/2)


Mrs Beck's Badgers (Year 3/4)

Mrs Hodder's Hummingbirds (Year 3/4)


Mr Jenkins' Jaguars  (Year 3/4)

Mrs Gherzum's Geckos (Year 5/6)


Miss Clarke's Chameleons (Year 5/6)


 Mr Turbervill's Tigers(Year 5/6)